ZBC International Business Consulting

Business Experience

My business experience extends over 15 years with a rapidly expanding international multi-teired retail company with several strategic management positions.  Over this time frame I developed, sourced, marketed and managed hundreds of millions of dollars in business and dozens of brand lines.  I significantly increased the private label business while delivering greatly increased profit margins.  Below are some of the skills,abilities and accomplishments I have experienced in my retail career:

MANAGEMENT:  Oversaw all aspects of API Inc. businesses including:  product development, budgets, sales, customer service, and marketing. Instructed hundreds of managers on new product lines with hand-on demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations and teleconferencing.  Travelled throughout North America opening locations, training associates, and merchandising stores.


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT:  Travelled throughout Asia sourcing and developing hundreds of products and thousands of skus under multiple product brands.   Increased the overall private label business by 100% while increasing gross margin performance an average of 20% and decreasing defective rates significantly.


COMMUNICATION:  Negotiated contracts, pricing, and logistics with dozens of suppliers in multiple countries.  Facilitated communication between suppliers and buyers on product specifications, performance expectations and developed schedules, goals, and deadlines ensuring timely deliveries of high quality products.


EDUCATION:  M.B.A. in Marketing from Missouri State University, B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Southwest Missouri State University.

All of these skills can be applied to expand your business to the next level.